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Affordable, Contemporary Website Design

Website Design

Concentrating on clean, up to date design and coding practices with emphasis placed on responsive design. Responsive design allows your website to adapt to differing screen sizes, from desktop computers to mobile devices.

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Website Hosting

I can provide hosting for your new or existing website. Everything involved with installing and setting up your website on the server will be taken care of for you. I can also register your new domain name for you.

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Website Administration

If I'm providing hosting for your website, all website and server administration will be taken care of for you. This includes making minor updates to, and backing up of your site files. Now there is a lot less for you to hassle with.

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Major Updates ...

I can update your current website, depending on the scope of the changes. Though once you get to a certain point, it might be easier and cheaper to start from scratch with an all new website.

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... Or minor Enhancements

Minor enhancements like changing some colors, text manipulation or adding one of the easy to use content management systems I recommend would be an easy and inexpensive way to refresh you current website.

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Simple CMS Systems

Using one of the simple content management systems I recommend, you can easily update the content in specific areas of your website or include a light weight blog or photo gallery. Inform your customers of specials and sales with ease.

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Constructing Affordable Websites for Small Business


Why pay for expensive newspaper and phone-book ads when you can have a full-color website, detailing your products/services, hours of operation, contact, and location info, available to potential customers 24/7.